Module for the Validation
of Parsing Results

HRcapture is an extension of JobCloud HR Tech’s semantic product range and was developed to complete and, if necessary, correct the information that was found and extracted from the semantic processing before the further processing in the customer’s system.

The most important benefits

  • Enables the visual validation, complementation and correction of information extracted from CVs and job offers
  • Shows the documents in their original format and layout with color highlightning for easy handling

The functionality at the example of CVlizer

The CV is first semantically analyzed by CVlizer and displayed as original document in the original layout together with the different textual form fields a CV can have, preallocated with the information extracted from the CV. When selecting the different fields, the textual areas of the original CV are visually highlighted, ensuring a rapid validation of the extraction information. If the correction of a specific information is required, a simple click on the data field and the selection of the correct information in the original CV is sufficient. As a consequence, corrections can be performed way easier and faster than with common drag and drop mechanisms.
If required, work and education phases can be toggled and shifted with a single click. If too much or too little information has been selected for a given phase, the selected area can be realigned easily.


The HRcapture module can be easily integrated in every existing application. The module is developed as iFrame solution, the input fields and its look and feel can be individualized to your specific requirements.