Categorization tool for
application documents

The module “HRclassifier” can be used both as stand-alone application and as module for the CV parser “CVlizer”.

Before the CV parsing itself takes place, all documents of an application folder are loaded into HRclassifier. If OCR is required in order to properly read and classifiy the documents, e.g. cause the documents are in fact paper scans, the documents are converted into machine-readable PDF documents. Afterwards, all documents are analysed and classified into different categories (CV, school report, application letter, letter of recommendation, …).

The most important benefits

  • When using the HRclassifier, not only single documents, but whole application folders embedded in E-Mails or ZIP files can be processed
  • Categorizes all documents into different document classes (CV, school report, application letter, letter of recommendation, …)
  • Provides all documents as single PDF and text files ready for full text indexing

After classification, the CV can be processed by CVlizer and all other documents are provided as PDF and TXT, ready for further processing.