Module for
Application Enrichment

The most important benefits

  • Semantic analysis of All application documents
  • The complete application folder is provided as one standardized XML data set

When using the CVlizer application module HRmerger, not only the CV but all documents of a given application folder can be fully semantically extracted. The result is a comprehensive candidate profile based on the contents of ALL provided documents.

The HRmerger processes all documents other than the CV and converts it to a structured data set. A manifold of features are considered for this process, for example: For each school report all school marks are extracted and converted into an internationally comparable value. Additionally, the average mark of a given report is calculated and provided.

In the next step, the derived information is mapped to the CV phase the specific document relates to. A school report is mapped to its respective education phase, a letter of recommendation to its particular work phase. Hence, each phase of a CV is enriched by information which was only contained in the attachment document so far.

Finally, all attachments, regardless of its original format, are attached to CV as structured XML data set, as categorized, fully readable PDF and as Plaintext for full text indexing. Thus, the complete application folder is provided within one standard XML file for further processing.