Job ad Parsing that
meets the highest Standards!

JOBolizer is to job ads what CVlizer is to CVs.

This parser extracts all relevant information from job postings, even if they are integrated in complex HTML sites, and immediately provides them as standardized XML data sets. In other words, JOBolizer provides fully automated data transfer from job ads, even scanned ones. The job ad parser is multilingual, currently able to process more than 30 languages, and is available as a web service (SaaS solution).


The data provided by the job parser can be directly imported into a database or any existing application management system.

  • No need to manually collect job postings
  • job ads can be extracted even from the most complex HTML pages
  • Directly processes jobs ads from newspapers
  • Processes all common document formats, including scanned documents

  • No additional OCR licenses required
  • Multilingual-able to process more than 30 languages
  • Categorizes occupational area and industry background in a standardized and consistent manner
  • Provides multiple options when searching and evaluating the collected data

Depending on the service package of choice, JoinVision’s job parser can include a variety of different modules. One example is HRcapture, which enables you to check parsed data and, if necessary, to edit and to enrich it.

More information about JOBolizer